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Indonesia Bali Lombok

Four hours east of Bali, separated by a four kilometre deep trench, lies the island of Lombok. Reminiscent of Bali 20 years ago, Lombok is still a sleepy backwater - a
part of unspoiled Indonesia.

Dominated by Mount Rinjani, a huge volcano rising 3,700 metres, the island has picturesque rice terraces and flat fertile plains down to the sea. Populated by a mix of Islamic Sasaks who also maintain animist traditions and Hindu Balinese, Lombok is traditional, old style.

Mount Rinjani which dominates the entire island, hides a large and spectacular emerald green lake inside a 4 kilometre wide caldera. Inside - a world of bubbling hot springs, tumbling waterfalls, steep slopes and rare unusual birds.Then if you are a golf lover, go to Rinjani Country Club.

The first in a series of islands that stretch across south-east Indonesia where traditional ways still predominate - women walk with terra cotta vases filled with water carefully balanced on their heads, horse drawn carts form part of the local transport system and local fishing boats line the shoreline. The island's decorative pottery, baskets, and woven textiles are famous throughout the region and you can visit the artisans at their village.

Some Lombok attractions that are recommended for you to visit are Ampenan, Mataram and Cakrangara. Suranadi, one of Lombok's oldest temples, has rebuilt the Balinese style baths carved the rocks with icy water bubbling up from natural springs.

To get even further off the beaten track, take a day trip to the tiny Gili Islands (Gili Air, Gili Meno and Gili Trawangan) These coconut covered islands with fine sand beaches, underwater gardens and hardly any motorcycles offer total enchantment. Frequent boat connections from Sengggigi and Bangsal Harbour at Pemenang on Lombok's west coast.


nice place for honeymoon...

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